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"Anything But a Facelift!" - Any Minimally Invasive Procedure vs. Plastic Surgery


Due to the recent economic downturn, as well as extensive marketing of these methods, we are seeing more and more patients who are seeking “anything but a facelift"! These reasons include:

  • A fear of surgery
  • A fear of looking "over-done" or unnatural
  • Concerns about treatment cost during an uncertain economy
  • Advertising claims of great results with minimal cost risk and downtime.

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In our practice, when appropriate we consider non-surgical procedures and treatments for our facial patients. We only offer procedures and treatments which have been scientifically proven to be safe and effective. This is especially important in the case of new treatments or products, which should be used only if there is a proven advantage over established methods.

We offer these non-surgical treatments for minimal deformities which can be effectively corrected without surgery. Each individual treatment may be employed alone or in combination with surgical or non-surgical treatments. FILLER TREATMENTS ».

Most important for our patients is the fact that as plastic surgeons we offer our Dallas and Allen patients a wide variety of alternatives. While many cosmetic practitioners are limited to minimal procedures, our broad scope of training, credentialing, and experience allows us to also offer appropriate surgical correction of these deformities.

We also are concerned about facelifts that have been overdone and over-used (please see our Promises and Pitfalls: Facelifts: All facelifts are created equal? » ) We believe that an unnatural result is actually detrimental to the patient’s appearance. However, when indicated to correct signs of aging, a well-planned and well preformed facelift (and / or other facial procedures) is both necessary and effective. It is our experience that an appropriate, individualized facelift done under local anesthesia and twilight sleep is very safe. Further, a surgical facelift can provide long-term correction those deformities that have required repeated, painful and expensive minimal treatments.

As with any other medical treatment, a second opinion can be the best investment of time and money for the potential facial cosmetic patient.

Non-Surgical Treatments
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Minimally invasive procedures are widely marketed with promises of reversing signs of aging and eliminating the need for facelifts and other surgical procedures. These methods are often promoted as effective, safe and as requiring no downtime. Lasers, endoscopic procedures, Botox and injectable fillers have become very popular with patients, especially in the current economic downturn. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reported over 9 million minimally invasive facial procedure were performed in 2007 alone.


  • As an alternative to surgery, non-surgical or minimally invasive procedures may improve signs of aging, but must be used judiciously. Any treatment should be used only when appropriate for the particular deformity and only when alternative treatments and/or surgery has been considered. 
  • Facial injectables do not avoid the need for a facelift in the future. Despite this fact, a 2005 ASPS survey found 21% of respondents believed injectables would prevent the need for a future facelift.
  • Minimally invasive techniques can be expensive especially if a treatment must be done repeatedly. While the cost of a single treatment may seem reasonable, the costs of frequent additional minimal invasive treatments can often exceed the cost of a full surgery.
  • Less risk is an advantage of non-surgical methods compared to surgical procedures, but any treatment has some risk. Risk must be a consideration in any treatment.
  • Bruising and swelling are the result of injury and can occur from both surgery and minimally invasive procedures. Extent and duration of bruising and swelling certainly vary with amount of trauma (injury). So "no" downtime for minimal procedures can actually mean less downtime.
  • While risk and downtime is less for the non-surgical or minimally invasive methods, the question is effectiveness. This is why several opinions should be offered and considered.
  • While most of the many signs of facial aging can be improved, a non-surgical method surgery is sometimes necessary. To misquote a popular advertising slogan... sometimes surgery is actually "Better than Botox."
  • It should be obvious, but, a patient must be aware of the fact that if a given practitioner has only non-surgical methods available to them then that method is probably what will be recommended. While the particular treatment may be satisfactory, it is often helpful for the patient to have a choice of various options.
  • Consider a consultation with a full service provider - a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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