Minimize Scarring After Plastic Surgery

The desire for an improved appearance motivates many to seek the services of a plastic surgeon, yet the concern over the location and severity of scarring can be a serious hurdle that many simply cannot overcome. Fortunately, skilled surgeons know just where to place incisions to conceal and minimize scarring after plastic surgery. Here are some additional steps that surgeons recommend to speed healing and minimize the scars that remain after plastic surgery.

Scar Massage

Once the initial wound is healed and no scab remains, massaging a new scar can prevent newly formed scar tissue from taking hold and becoming permanent.

Silicone Scar Sheets

Clinical studies have shown that placing sheets of silicone gel on a scar to be helpful in reducing redness, swelling, itching, and pain.

Steroid Injections

More severe scarring such as Keloids and hypertrophic (raised) scars can benefit from injections of the steroid Kenalog.  This can help improve appearance and reduce the profile of the scar. Your surgeon will prescribe these injections if necessary.

Proper Skin Care

Topical skin medications such as creams and lotions can be useful in expediting healing and keeping scarring down. Your doctor can recommend which products to use.  Follow instruction regarding sun exposure and wound care carefully. Taking care of your skin can keep infection and inflammation down, thus allowing healing to occur faster and keeping scar tissue to a minimum.

Eat Healthy

Eat a healthy diet that includes plenty of protein, which promotes cellular regeneration and speeds healing.  Eat a balanced diet to be sure you get a variety of nutrients, limit fats and sugars, and drink plenty of water.

Keep Moving

To minimize scarring after plastic surgery, get regular, non-strenuous exercise to circulate blood through the wound and help it heal. Consult with your surgeon on which exercises are best for you after surgery.

Progressive Tension Sutures

So far, we’ve covered basic self-care as a way to minimize scarring after plastic surgery. One technique, however, occurs during the operation, and that is the use of progressive tension sutures. This technique, developed by Dr. Pollock at North Dallas Plastic Surgery, is a way to perform body contouring, facelifts, and other types of plastic surgery while minimizing healing time and scarring. To learn more about how progressive tension suturing helps minimize scarring, contact Dr. Pollock today.

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