The No Drain Tummy Tuck—Why It’s Different and Better

iStock-625892040At North Dallas Plastic Surgery, we perform the tummy tuck procedure with a technique that is so revolutionary, it is changing the way people feel about abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).   Our doctors, Dr. Todd A. Pollock and Dr. Harlan Pollock, have originated a suturing method that reduces surgical complications, improves outcomes, and greatly shortens recovery times.   (more…)

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Body Contouring Surgery: Getting Ready for Swimsuit Season

Allen and Dallas Body Countouring Surgery

With swim suit season practically around the corner, many individual’s concern is that now may be good time to take care of “winter weight”.

Although body contouring is the reshaping of the body to achieve a more attractive appearance, a patient’s concerns may be related to genetic fat distribution or changes related to pregnancy or following significant weight loss.

It is important to understand that body contouring surgery is not a weight loss surgery but rather a shaping procedure. Under most circumstances, an appropriate candidate should be close to their ideal weight.

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No-Drain Tummy Tuck with PTS Offered in the North Texas Area

Dallas Tummy Tuck with PTS


Our Dr. Todd A. Pollock helped invent the Progressive Tension Sutures – or, PTS – which is used in abdominoplasties (or tummy tucks).

The PTS procedure greatly simplifies an abdominoplasty, significantly reduces surgical complications, improves patients’ results, and shortens convalescence. The PTS procedure is also known as a No-Drain Tummy Tuck as a result: for the patient this means an immediate improvement on the quality of life after the abdominoplasty as there are no drains needed. (Other abdominoplasty procedures without PTS means the patient has to have a hunched-over posture while the drain is in place.)

At North Dallas Plastic Surgery (NDPS) this technique has been used over the past 30 years and the results have been reliable and long-lasting.

See the video about progressive tension sutures and how it works: ».

If you’re ready to learn more then please Contact NDPS » to set up an appointment to speak with Dr. Pollock. He believes a well-educated patient is going to be a better surgical candidate.

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Dallas and Allen Area: Full Body Contouring Surgery

Dallas and Allen Area: Full Body Contouring Surgery from NDPS

Did you know there are multiple surgical techniques and procedures which are used for reshaping the body?

At North Dallas Plastic Surgery (NDPS) we fill in details on the various surgical procedures and add our opinions on each. When considering a patient for body contouring we assess three aspects: their Skin, Fat, and Muscle.

When talking with a prospective patient we detail the technique we developed to improve the safety and aesthetics of body contouring that we call Progressive Tension Sutures (PTS) ». PTS surgery can be applied to a tummy tuck (also known as an abdominoplasty) and for the patient it means they’ll have what’s known as a “no-drain tummy tuck” which is a more comfortable way of recovering after surgery.

If you would like more details on the procedures for body contouring, contact North Dallas Plastic Surgery at 214.363.2575 or visit our website: ».

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Before and After Photos – Where Are They on the NDPS Website?

Before and After Pictures from North Dallas Plastic Surgery

At North Dallas Plastic Surgery (NDPS), we have been asked why there are no “before and after photographs” on our website – or if they are there then where are they hidden?

We have always resisted the marketing pressure of featuring a gallery of before and after pictures. While we remain very proud of the results of surgery for our patients, we have strong ethical reservations featuring such an online gallery.

Dr. Todd A. Pollock believes photos can be manipulated to show different degrees of changes – some changes may not even be due to the skill of the cosmetic surgeon but due to the work of a graphic artist to alter the photograph after it’s taken. He will show photos to potential patients when they arrive at our practice for a personal consultation.

Another problem with photographs – they are very two dimensional. What looks good online may feel too firm or abnormal to the patient after surgery.

Learn more about our thoughts on this on our website: ».

Then, if you’re ready for your consultation with our surgeon himself (and not with just his staff) please Contact Us » – or call us at 214.363.2575 – and schedule your appointment. You’ll get all your questions answered when you talk with Dr. Pollock.

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Thoughts on a Brow Lift (or a Forehead Lift) in the Allen/Dallas Area

Brow lift from North Dallas Plastic Surgery

Did you know the position of the brows affects the appearance of the entire face, but most importantly they impact the appearance of the eyes?

The aging forehead skin lengthens and brows tend to descend, causing the thick skin beneath the brows to cover the eyelids.

Learn more about the brow lift and how Dr. Todd A. Pollock approaches this procedure with his patients: »

If you’re ready to learn more, Contact the North Dallas Plastic Surgery team to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pollock » – he’ll present you with all the options and answer your questions.

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Mixing Vacation with Plastic Surgery: What Could Go Wrong?

Mixing Vacation and Plastic Surgery: What Could Go Wrong?


Potential plastic surgery patients hear a lot of  different ideas in advertisements. One is a combination of inexpensive cosmetic procedures performed at a paradise location – the entire vacation and surgical package costing less than individual procedures in the USA. However, is it really a good idea?

The vacation environment and local activities can sound enticing, but vacation-related activities may compromise a patient’s safety. Cosmetic surgery trips are marketed as a vacation, but after surgery activities should be limited. Such activities as sunbathing, alcohol consumption, exercise, sightseeing, etc., should be avoided.

Surgery clinics in other countries may not meet the same criteria for cleanliness. Infection is the most common complication seen in patients that have been abroad for surgery; other problems are unsightly scars, hematomas (a swelling of tissues with blood), and unsatisfactory results.

Read more about why Dr. Todd A. Pollock thinks you should avoid this surgery/vacation combination and have surgical procedure done at home: ».

Our North Dallas Plastic Surgery (NDPS) patients have their consultations done with our plastic surgeon, himself, not with a nurse. You may contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pollock » to learn more about the cosmetic surgical procedure(s) you’re interested in having performed.

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