Can You Remove Stretch Marks?

There are many claims made on commercials, in magazines, and on late-night infomercials that claim their creams and lotions can remove stretch marks.

But while those products might fade them or lessen their appearance somewhat, the only way to truly remove stretch marks is through cosmetic surgery.

Stretch marks are visible scars caused by a tearing of the dermis, or skin, and are caused for a number of reasons. Rapid weight gain, pregnancy, even puberty growth spurts can cause this stretching of the skin. This rapid stretching means the skin is unable to keep pace with the growth in volume.

While stretch marks can be seen on the shoulders, chest and breasts, the majority of stretch marks are located around the abdomen.

A Tummy Tuck to Remove Stretch Marks?

Abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, is the most effective way to reduce stretch marks on the abdomen.   Excess fat and skin from the upper and lower abdomen are removed and the abdominal muscles are tightened. Stretch marks below the level of the belly button are removed along with the excess skin.

Tummy Tuck Scar

An abdominoplasty scar, with Dr. Pollock’s progressive tension suture technique, (PST) is usually a fine, light line after a few months.  It is placed at the bikini line, at or below a c-section scar.  The scar must be as long as the skin excess on the abdomen when in a sitting position.

If you have questions about exactly how a tummy tuck can remove stretch marks, contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Pollock at North Dallas Plastic Surgery. 214-363-2575.

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