Dermal Fillers, Injectables and Facial Rejuvenation–Setting Expectations

In recent years, dermal fillers and injectables have been touted as the solution for those seeking facial rejuvenation without a face-lift.   Dermal fillers such as Botox and the like have become popular because the injection procedure is quick, there is little to no recovery, and the cost is much lower than surgery.   But how do the results obtained from injectables compare to that of a face-lift? Before you decide, be sure you have realistic expectations.


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Botox Injections in Dallas and Allen to Minimize or Eliminate Facial Wrinkling

Did you know Botox only effects wrinkles that are present with muscle movement and disappear when the muscle is relaxed? Inappropriately treating a line that is present without muscle movement will lead to disappointment. For the patient, there can be a dizzying amount of choices: does it matter what kind of doctor should do the injections (after all, some dentists offer them!), the different prices that can be quoted, etc.

Here at North Dallas Plastic Surgery our approach to Botox injections is different:

  • Treatments are carried out by our physicians. We believe there is risk related to any procedure and we strive to minimize this risk. We also believe the results are technique dependent, and, therefore, the procedure isn’t delegated to an assistant.
  • Our selection of injectable material is based on two factors: safety and effectiveness.

Read more about Botox and how an evaluation from our board certified plastic surgeons about facial rejuvenation can help you feel better: ».

If you are considering other injectable materials like synthetic fillers then this page on our website will help inform you about the options:  Injectables/Fillers Page »

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Examine Medical Credentials Before Considering Injectable Fillers

A woman traveled around South Texas recently injecting people with what appears to be some kind of liquid rubber. It was done under the guise that it was collagen or Botox, local and federal authorities said.

Our recommendations to patients on Injectables and Medical Credentials can be found on these website pages:

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ASPS: Chinplant (or Chin Augmentation) Surgery is More Popular Now

ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) reports that the frequency of chin augmentation or chin lift surgeries has dramatically increased by 71% from 2010 to 2011. This rate surpassed the combined rates of breast implants, liposuction, and Botox.

The increase in chin implant surgery is difficult to explain, but it is not so surprising in a time when minimal surgery seems to be in vogue.

However, this is a small surgery that is an example of a very effective “small” procedure as opposed to the many mini procedures that are of mini value.

If you are considering a plastic surgery procedure, from a mini procedure to a full one, then please contact North Dallas Plastic Surgery – call us at 214.363.2575 – to schedule a consultation with Dr. Harlan Pollock or Dr. Todd A. Pollock. You’ll want to hear their experienced opinion.

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Would You Go to a Foot Doctor with an Earache?

A recent article from the New York Times (Ear Doctors Performing Face-Lifts? It Happens – 29 January 2012) highlights the problems patients have had when they went to a board-certified doctor to get procedures done – but the doctor’s certification was not in plastic surgery.

  • Face-lifts and a tummy-tucks by an ear-nose-and-throat doctors
  • Breast augmentations by gynecologists
  • Liposuctions by ophthalmologists
  • Botox injections from family practice physicians

Yes, these have all happened.

Unfortunately, these procedures have lead some disfigured and dissatisfied patients going to see plastic surgeons to correct the initial surgery. This adds an extra unexpected expense and results in a longer recovery time.

We urge Dallas-area plastic surgery patients to look at the doctor’s credentials. For more information on our thoughts about this, please see our Plastic Surgery Credentials page. Also towards the end of this page is our Promises and Pitfalls: The Importance of Medical Credentials.

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