The No Drain Tummy Tuck—Why It’s Different and Better

iStock-625892040At North Dallas Plastic Surgery, we perform the tummy tuck procedure with a technique that is so revolutionary, it is changing the way people feel about abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).   Our doctors, Dr. Todd A. Pollock and Dr. Harlan Pollock, have originated a suturing method that reduces surgical complications, improves outcomes, and greatly shortens recovery times.  

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure that tightens and flattens the appearance of the abdomen.  This procedure usually involves the removal of belly fat, plus repair of muscle separation and tightening of excess skin that can sometimes occur after pregnancy or significant weight loss.

While patients who have a tummy tuck usually love the results, they don’t love the recovery and it’s associated inconveniences.  Because the muscles of the abdomen are involved in most body movements (from breathing to reaching to standing), recovery from abdominoplasty can be long and can require limited movement for several weeks.  The placement of drains at the tummy tuck surgical site can make recovery inconvenient as well.

When tissues are removed from the body and a void is created, these areas tend to fill with fluid.  The most common complication associated with traditional abdominoplasty is the formation of persistent pockets of fluid called seromas.  Most tummy tuck procedures call for the placement of two to three external surgical drains in the abdomen which remain in place until the fluid accumulation in them drops below a certain level.

At North Dallas Plastic Surgery, our doctors perform abdominoplasty using the Progressive Tension Suture technique.  This technique was created by Drs. Todd and Harlan Pollock and is so unique and important that their article, Progressive Tension Sutures in Abdominoplasty: A Review of 597 Consecutive Cases, was published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal in 2012.

This surgical breakthrough:

  • Allows healing without the placement of surgical drains, thus minimizing post-surgery care needs,
  • Speeds the patient’s return to normal activities, including an upright posture and physical activity,
  • Greatly reduces the incidence of complications, particularly seroma,
  • Allows a new technique for bellybutton suture, resulting in a more natural result,
  • And places no tension on the skin closure, resulting in reduced scarring.

If you or someone you know is considering abdominoplasty, investigate the progressive tension suture tummy tuck.  Contact North Dallas Plastic Surgery today for more information, or for a consultation.

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