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Our Approach: Computer Imaging

In our practice we may use imaging on a limited basis for education and counseling our patients. We find it especially helpful in discussing potential rhinoplasty results, as it is an excellent way for a patient to see his/her profile. Using the patient's digital photo, our surgeons can demonstrate or discuss what is within their abilities to achieve. Also our patients can express their concerns and goals using their own pictures.


Computer Imaging; What You See is What You Get?

Cosmetic Surgery: Promises and Pitfalls™


Using digital photography and manipulation of the potential patient's image, the doctor can show the patient the predicted outcome of a given cosmetic operation.


  • This technology has a tremendous potential for abuse. The computerized alterations in the patient's image can be used for the purpose of selling an operation. In the advertisement below sent to cosmetic surgeons, this marketing advantage of computer imaging is being emphasized to sell imaging software to surgeons.
  • When demonstrated by an assistant (often non-medical), flaws can be completely erased which may improve the computer image, but may not be realistically possible through surgical techniques.
  • Further, there are many factors that go into the final outcome; some of these can be controlled and others can't. Results can't be guaranteed. This is especially true when these manipulations are performed by anyone other than the surgeon.
  • A sophisticated patient must realize that computer imaging, while it may be educational and reassuring is only an approximation of the final surgical result. Read the disclaimer that appears on the screen with the before and after images.

Is the computer the modern equivalent of a crystal ball or is it just hi-tech marketing?

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