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Our Approach: Medi-Spas

Our office is a professional plastic surgery office with accredited surgical facilities. We offer the services of AN aesthetician who is licensed and is qualified to perform skin care services. All surgery and invasive procedures are done by our surgeons, including Botox and filler injections.

Why Medi-spas in doctor's offices? The reasons given by advocates of this concept:

SPA treatments can be a very positive experience and combined with appropriate medical treatments can improve skin quality. However, in an age of decreasing insurance reimbursement, Medi-spa CAN serve as a profit center in any medical office. While the convenience factor for the patient is obvious, the problem lies in the inferred credibility that medical affiliation implies. Spa treatments in a medical setting are still just spa treatments, no better or worse than those same treatments in a spa or beauty shop.

While medical treatments in a medi-spa should be safer, safety depends on many factors - including staff training and credentials, quality and maintenance of equipment, qualified medical supervision, procedures offered, etc.

Medi-Spas: Live Longer and Look Good

Cosmetic Surgery: Promises and Pitfalls™


The promise of medical benefits (living longer and looking better) through the services offered in a spa is appealing. Medi-spas offer actual medical treatments in addition to the conventional usual spa treatments.


  • Cost: Clients pay a premium for "medical supervision" of non-medical procedures. The results are usually temporary, requiring additional treatments and expense.
  • Expectations: Clients of medi-spas may have unrealistic expectations of procedures recommended in this quasi-medical setting. This may result in disappointment.
  • Effectiveness: Many spa treatments have no scientific data supporting their effectiveness. "Feel good" treatments are pleasant experiences, but should not be touted as medical treatments.
  • Invasive procedures, including injections of fillers and Botox, are medical treatments and should be performed by qualified professionals.
  • Surgery, just another spa service! Actual surgical procedures done in a spa environment often trivialize the potential risk of these procedures. Surgery is not just another spa treatment.
  • Medical supervision: Although, marketed as medically supervised procedures, most spa procedures are performed by non-medical personnel, who actually may be poorly or non-supervised.

The image to the left is an actual print advertisement for adding medi-spa consultants to physician's practices.

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