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Procedures Marketed as Mini-Face Lift Procedures


  • We do limited procedures when indicated.
  • We individualize our treatment of each patient after a thorough consultation with the surgeon. Our recommendations are based on what is appropriate for a given patient.
  • We limit our procedures to those that are proven safe and effective in scientific studies as well as our best medical judgment about the best method for any given patient.
  • All our surgery is done in accredited facilities.


There is no standard facelift procedure - many techniques are called a “facelift” with varying degrees of safety, effectiveness and longevity. It is our experience that minimal surgery produces minimal and usually temporary results. Bargain procedures can often result in disappointing results which may require additional surgery increasing the expense.

Any physician can offer any procedure and minimal procedures can be done in an office setting using only local anesthesia. However, a consumer should consider comfort, safety, effectiveness, longevity, surgeons credentials, and the general acceptance of a given technique by the medical community.

Any procedure that sounds too good to be true should be approached with caution. Research the surgeon's credentials, hospital privileges, and reputation, as well as, accreditation of his/her surgical facility. Multiple opinions can be extremely valuable, and should be sought for any elective surgery.

Mini-Face Lift Procedures
Cosmetic Surgery: Promises and Pitfalls™


These mini face lift procedures are similarly described as a limited, inexpensive, one-hour facelift with no downtime. Done under local anesthesia, they are a patented procedure that makes conventional facelift surgery obsolete (according to their website)


  • There are several patented minifacelift procedures (including Lifestyle lift, Quicklift, etc.) which are marketing packages sold to franchisees, The real question is “How do these companies standardize the exact procedure or control the quality of results of each franchisee? “
  • We have had no personal experience with these patented mini-lift procedures, but we have also found no scientific studies in the literature supporting their claims of the safety, the effectiveness, or the longevity of these particular techniques. A secret patented surgical procedure prevents any professional oversight. The ethical practice of medicine requires such professional oversight.
  • Local anesthesia can be effective, but can also be very uncomfortable when obtaining anesthesia with multiple injections. (See our Cosmetic Surgery: Promises and Pitfalls - Anesthesia)
  • It is our opinion that major surgery should be done in an accredited surgical facility to assure patient safety. An attractive, comfortable setting is nice , but not necessarily safe (see our Cosmetic Surgery: Promises and Pitfalls - Office Surgery).
  • When a surgeon has only one procedure to offer, then that is the procedure he/she will recommend!
  • Impressive before and after photos can be very misleading -- only the best results are usually shown and glamour shots often enhance results. (see Cosmetic Surgery: Promises and Pitfalls - Before and After Pictures)
  • Incisions and resulting scars are as extensive as conventional facelifts.
  • In general, minimal surgery usually produces minimal results. While it may be less expensive, it may be no bargain.
In medicine, there are no secret, exclusive techniques. If a procedure has merit, it is published in the medical (peer-reviewed) literature and can be performed by any qualified surgeon. “Secret procedures” cannot be verified for accuracy of claims of effectiveness,

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