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In creating OUR UNIQUE PLASTIC SURGERY WEBSITE, we have adopted “Beauty begins with knowledge” as not just a clever motto, but as our guiding practice philosophy.  The following statement sums up our opinion about the dilemma of the modern day medical consumer.

"Today's patients have access to much more medical information than their predecessors did; unfortunately, much of it is misinformation."

Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons - December 2002

Promises andd PitfallsOur” Promises and Pitfalls” format is a point-counterpoint discussion of plastic surgery topics—that include both the positives and negatives of a procedure or issue, in an attempt to provide a balanced perspective on that topic. The information provided is factual, but does include our opinions. We have made a conscious effort to be fair, factual and ethical in our presentations and opinions on our website, just as we do in our practice.

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Includes procedures we offer in our practice, as well as several that we neither do nor recommend. We begin each topic with "OUR APPROACH", an in depth discussion of our goals, management and surgical techniques of each procedure. Our reasons for not doing a particular procedure are discussed in detail.

Includes topics that impact on the selection of a surgeon, facility or procedure. Included are in depth discussions of the problems with “before and after photos”, “testimonials”, etc., as well as the value of understanding “physicians’ credentials”, “facility accreditation”, etc.

Information about financing, including specific information about options we offer in our practice.  In addition we include a Promises and Pitfalls discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of some of these options.

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