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Our Approach: How We Market Our Dallas Plastic Surgery Practice

Most of our new cosmetic surgery patients are referred by physicians plus our current and former patients.

This is an old-fashioned way of building and maintaining a practice, but this is how we like to get new patients and it has served us well through the years. 

However, the best way for an individual to find out information for himself/herself is in a consultation with a qualified surgeon. We believe that a well-informed consumer wants factual information and honest opinions. The following information about medical marketing represents our perspective on the problems associated with this type of practice building.

Marketing of Plastic Surgery - Beauty For Sale
Cosmetic Surgery: Promises and Pitfalls™


  • Glamorous print ads, slick TV and radio commercials are often designed to give the impression that cosmetic surgery can transform one's life.
  • This advertising often states or implies the superior results, credentials and compassion of the advertising surgeon.
  • Carefully selected before and after pictures which show impressive results are meant to be enticing to potential patients.


  • Advertising has provided a means for some physicians to build instant reputations. Reputations not based on quality of their work, rather based on expensive and recurring advertisements that imply quality and embellish the physician's status, credentials, etc. Patients should confirm the surgeon's credentials (see Promises and Pitfalls: Credentials ») and research the physician's reputation.

  • Advertorials may provide some useful information, but tend to be self serving and are designed primarily to solicit business. “Information” provided may be helpful, but it is  not subject to any oversight and should be viewed for what it is - a paid advertisement.   

  • The high cost of advertising makes it necessary for the advertising surgeon to "convert" into a surgical patient (that is sell) each individual seeking consultation. Such lack of selectivity when evaluating a patient for surgery can lead to unsatisfactory results and an increased risk of post-operative problems.
  • Any treatment that is advertised as a new approach or technology should be researched through credible sources.
  • Any physician that advertises the exclusive source of a treatment or technology should be viewed with skepticism. There are no secrets or exclusives in traditional medicine.

Misleading advertising can also create unrealistic expectations, which can lead to unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

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